Gamma-Delta Brothers Attend Leadership Conference in Orlando

This past weekend 10 brothers from the Gamma-Delta chapter of Kappa Sigma attended the 2016 Kappa Sigma Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida. While there the brothers attended meetings where they learned how to be better men, brothers and leaders. The conference this year broke the record for most attendees, with over 2,000 brothers showing up! During the conference there were general session meetings where every brother was in the same ballroom, and breakout meetings where the 2,000 men would be split up into groups of around 30-50 to learn about different parts of our fraternity. There were meetings for how to be better presidents, vice presidents, rush chairs, marketing directors etc. During these breakout sessions the 10 brothers from the Gamma-Delta chapter were able to gather key ideas that will not only help the chapter recover after a tough year on sanctions, but help us prosper to the be the best chapter on the UMass campus. Brother Brady Sharon said of the meeting, “As the Grand Scribe for our chapter my goal is to set the chapter apart from others on campus marketing wise. I learned valuable new ideas that can help bring Kappa Sigma to the forefront of Greek Life here at UMass Amherst.” Brother Alex Cuadros, the president of our chapter, had this to say, “The Kappa Sigma bond is by far the strongest thing our fraternity could produce across this country, and it is something I think we all take for granted sometimes. You can ask any of the 10 guys who went, it was incredible to experience being with 2,000 other Kappa Sigma brothers who were always going out of their way to say what’s up, get to know you, and ask about your chapter. We met so many cool brothers from all over the country from states like Georgia, Oklahoma, California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii. It was a really humbling experience to see our motto AEKDB lived out on such a huge scale.” Overall the conference was a huge success for our chapter and we are all excited to implement many of the ideas we learned from the experience!


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